M1 Garand rifle, its parts are organized in this Excel spreadsheet.

Spreadsheet for Springfield Armory built M1 Garands and the M14

Background Information

This started out as a small project to keep track of the various M1 Garand parts both installed in rifles and loose parts that I have. The "small project" then became a living monster and evolved into the program that you can download here.

Special Comments

This is only for Springfield Armory built Garands. I may add Winchester and IHC at some point if I get time or end up purchasing one of those rifles. If someone would like to give me one of those rifles I would be more than happy to add that data as well.

M1 Garand rifle collection of parts ready for assembly.

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Thank you to Joe Poyer and North Cape Publications for allowing me to use the data contained in the Data Sheet. http://www.northcapepubs.com/

This data sheet is not intended to be the end all document for identifying what the correct parts are for your rifle. It is intended at a general guide.

Due to production changes and the distribution of parts from production inventory the actual part required may be different than what is indicated on this data sheet. You will have to look at the Springfield Armory Data Sheet for your rifle to confirm what parts your rifle was constructed with.

As an example I have a #300,XXX receiver with a drawing number that does not match the drawing revision information in this spreadsheet. It is not a rewelded receiver as the drawing revision was changed the following month. DO NOT GET WORRIED IF THE DRAWING REVISIONS DO NOT MATCH THE DATA CONTAINED IN THIS SPREADSHEET. Again you will have to get the Springfield Armory Data Sheet to determine the parts your rifle was built with.

M1 Garand Complete Assembly Guide
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U.S. .30 Caliber Service Rifles Shop Manual
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M1 Garand Owner's Manual
Amazon 1888722037
Hatchers Book of the Garand
Amazon 1934044253
Hatcher's Notebook
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Notes for Beta release of M14 spreadsheet

Due to the small numbers of USGI receivers I did not put an auto search function like I have in the M1 Garand spreadsheet. You will get some pull down options but those are for manufacturers only, except for the barrel and receiver which has a few more pull down menus.

Because there are quite a few people assembling M14 rifles I have decided to not include this as a choice. The rifles are assembled from the parts listed and I think Springfield Armory is the only company that assembles them from their own parts.

This is a beta release so I am open to suggestions on improvements and other manufacturing names/ideas that may be added. Please send any comments to m1garanddata@hotmail.com