7.64x54mmR cartridge.

Links To Other Useful Sites

Useful Links

U.S. Army Manuals from World War II

Field Manuals Technical Manuals
Training Manuals, Miscellaneous, and more

U.S. Army in World War II — Many official histories

World War II on the World Wide Web This is an enormous archive of historical material, organized by theater of operations, country, and branch of service.

Manuals, Training Films, and Government Documentaries at archive.org

Marksmanship With the M1 Rifle — Preparatory Training Video

How to Shoot the U.S. Army Rifle Book, companion to the above film

Rifle — U.S. Cal. .30 M1 — Principles of Operation (1943) Video

The Armalite AR-10 Video
This is a promotional film for the Armalite AR-10, the rifle that led to the M-16. It features field-stripping, the belt-fed version, and Eugene Stoner running onto a beach firing from the hip.

The Guns at Springfield (DOD, 1971) Video
U.S. Department of Defense film on the development of the U.S. Army's small arms in a tour through the Springfield Armory Museum.

Commence Firing (National Archives and Records Administration) Video
"From colonial days, marksmanship has been an American tradition. In this film presentation, television audiences will visit the Armory at Springfield, Massachusetts, established in 1794. Gunsmiths here have created the basic weapons for our fighting forces. The Armory is the small arms center of the U.S. forces. Here, are concentrated the Ordnance Corps facilities for experimental development of hand weapons, including rifles and automatic weapons—also for pilot line production. Included in "Commence Firing," is footage of the Camp Perry, Ohio World Series of Marksmanship, sponsored jointly by the National Rifle Association and the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice."

Battle of Midway (NARA, 1942)
Video: From the Department of the Navy, Office of the Chief of Naval Operations

Big Picture: The Fight for Vietnam Video

The Battle for the Beaches Video: Navy film of training and fighting to capture beaches in the Pacific and European theaters

Other movies in the FedFlix collection Video M1 Garand .30-06 Ice Block Shoot Video

Book: including 1917 Enfield, 1903 Springfield, 1898 Krag, M1911 pistol, revolvers, etc., compiled by the Small Arms Instruction Corps, 1918

Fred Colvin and Ethan Viall, 1917

Learning Infantry Tactics and Techniques from Airsoft

Airsoft Tactics

Gear Review

TheGearHunt has reviews and test results for hunting and camping gear.

Jones Act


The Jones Act, also known as the Merchant Marine Act of 1920, maintains the rights of merchant seamen on duty and protects them in case of injury. The Maritime Injury Center has information on the Jones Act.

Mosin-Nagant Reference — 7.62x54r.net site

Other References

An operator is operating as the /k/ OPERATOR signal appears in the sky.

Are you operator enough for /k/?
Probably not. Few are.

The Internet Movie Firearms Database can answer your important movie firearms questions. For example:

When the schoolgirls in " Sucker Punch" were fighting the steampunk robots in the World War I trench, was Blondie firing an H&K MP5 or was it an MP5K?

Get this and other valuable answers at IMFDB!

Harrington Products makes high quality replacement firing pins, extractors and other parts for the Czech Česká Zbrojovka vzor 52 or ČZ vz. 52 pistol.

This page has a very large collection of firearms manuals.

DIY: Shovel AK — It's one thing to make an AK stock from a shovel handle, it's quite another to build the receiver from the shovel blade!

If you are operator enough, maybe you could handle the 4chan /k/ weapons forum. No mall ninjas, Cawadooty fanatics, or Airsoft fanboys.

Here are some useful links to pages about anodizing aluminum:
Coatings and Fabrication magazine has a good explanation
The Wikipedia page is useful
The Electrochemistry Encyclopedia has far more detail

The American Radio Relay League published home enthusiast how-to articles in their magazine QST back in: May 1950 (with a clarification in the July 1950 issue), October 1967, and April 1968. ARRL members can access all past QST articles.

Did you know that Ronald Reagan and, for most of its history, the NRA both worked to control guns? And that the Black Panthers were the true pioneers of the modern pro-gun movement and fierce advocates of the right to bear loaded weapons in public? Things were very different before the early 1980s! Read the article "The Secret History of Guns" in The Atlantic for details. It's a excerpt from Adam Winkler's book Gunfight: The Battle over the Right to Bear Arms in America.

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