TM 9 1005-222-12, Maintenance Manual for M1 Garand rifle.

Assembling an M1 Garand Rifle From Parts
Finding the Manuals

How to Find Official U.S. Army Manuals

Official Department of Defense manuals are U.S. Government documents, so they cannot be copyrighted. It's just a matter of finding them. There are some nice collections on line, but you can also find them yourself (and find manuals not included in someone else's collection) with some simple Google searches.

TM 9 1005-222-12, Maintenance Manual for M1 Garand rifle.

The 90th Infantry Division Preservation Group has a great collection of manuals!

If they don't have what you're looking for, learn to use more advanced searching at Google! Here are some examples and jumping-off points for Google searches for M1 Garand manuals and much more:

TM 9-1005-222-12
Its rather long title is:
"Operator and Organizational Maintenance Manual Including Repair Parts and Special Tools List / Rifle, Caliber .30 M1 / Rifle, Caliber .30 M1C (Sniper's) / Rifle, Caliber .30 M1D (Sniper's) / M-1 Garand"

"TM" means "Technical Manual", it's what it sounds like. A manual describing in technical detail how to do things when you're back at base with resources at hand. Ask Google to find it for you:

"tm 9-1005-222-12" filetype:pdf OR filetype:zip

FM 23-5
has the shorter title:
"U.S. Rifle Caliber .30, M1"

"FM" means "Field Manual" with the emphasis on "Field". This is a description for the men in the field — how do you really use the thing in a practical setting. Ask Google to find it for you:

"fm 23-5" filetype:pdf OR filetype:zip

Manuals and U.S. Army Training Films at

Video: Marksmanship With the M1 Rifle — Preparatory Training

Book: How to Shoot the U.S. Army Rifle, companion to the above film.

Book: SMALL ARMS INSTRUCTOR'S MANUAL, An Intensive Course, including 1917 Enfield, 1903 Springfield, 1898 Krag, M1911 pistol, revolvers, etc., compiled by the Small Arms Instruction Corps, 1918.

UNITED STATES RIFLES AND MACHINE GUNS, Fred Colvin and Ethan Viall, 1917.



Other Sources of Information

Nicolaus Associates sells a large collection of reprints of manuals, diagrams, and more, some of them the result of meticulous restoration.

The ODCMP Coaching Resources page has lots of very useful target shooting information, including tips from the U.S. Army Service Rifle Team and much more:

Also see this useful page:

And this one with Flash animations of the M1 action, trigger group, and feeding cycle:

The Wikipedia page has useful information on the design and history.

See Steve Ricciardelli's site with:

M1 Garand Specifications
Weight 9.5 pounds / 4.3 kg
Length 43.6 inches / 1.107 m
Cartridge .30-06 Springfield
Barrel Length 24 inches / 610 mm
Sight Radius 27.9 inches / 709 mm
Rifling Right-hand, two grooves,
pitch of 1 turn in 10 inches / 254 mm
Trigger Pull 5.5—7.5 pounds / 2.5—3.4 kg
Muzzle Velocity 2,750—2,800 ft/sec / 838—853 m/sec

Here is a page containing: